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บริษัท อิชิเทค เทเลคอม จำกัด
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Looking For: Personal Assistant to Director
Job To Do:
• Reporting to Director and performing secretarial and administrative duties.
• Typing, formatting, and editing reports, documents, and presentations.
• Entering data, maintaining databases, and keeping records.
• Liaising with partners, answering calls, and making arrangements.
• Scheduling appointments, maintaining an events calendar, and sending reminders.
• Copying, scanning, and faxing documents, as well as taking notes.
• Preparing scheduled events and arranging, if required.
• Observing best business practices and etiquette.

• High school diploma or GED, plus Chinese language are appreciated
• Certification in secretarial work, office administration, or related training.
• 1-2 years of experience as a personal assistant would be advantageous.
• Extensive experience in creating documents and spreadsheets, using office software such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Advanced typing, note-taking, recordkeeping, and organizational skills.
• Ability to manage internal and external correspondence.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills.
ชื่อ : Stone / 0993123068
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